Realized a bunch of things just now.

One: I have tryouts in four days, and although it wouldn’t be the smartest idea for them to cut the social publicist, I’m still the slowest person on the team. Meh. Two: Picture day’s tomorrow, straight enough. Three: I have yet to buy goggles. Four: My mommy’s birthday’s this Saturday. Five: I ran out of money to buy her something. Six: If Randy doesn’t go tomorrow, I’ll be the only chapter head there. Seven: Everyone has some sort of game tomorrow, (flippin’ band), so we’re short like seven leaders. Eight: Brown people who can sing are automatically awesome; that’s why I’m best friends with Dania. Nine: Sid Sriram. Ten: I have to make a schedule for Swim. I should probably get on that. Other than all that, I am determined to learn how to sing WHILE playing the guitar. John says I should learn bass. Hm. There’s a thought. Well, from the likings of my house, I say to you.. Goodnight, and God bless!

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